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Adult Division

Enrolment forms for 2018 semester 1 are now online and enrolments are open!

Adult Division:
Classes for adults are held on a semester basis, with 15 two-hour classes comprising a semester. Participants have a choice of Beginners-, Continuing-, B1-Intermediate- and B2-Intermediate to C1-Advanced classes, each conducted over two semesters. The B2 class runs for 4 semesters and C1 is open and will change content based on the requests of the students. A more intensive accelerated Beginners class(AX) is offered commencing late July. This class caters for students with no prior knowledge who wish to start mid-year. (click on the above link for more information)
Timetable - Sem 1 2018
Timetable for semester 1 2018 is now available.
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